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Latest developments in the protein industry, nutrition, life sciences, and food safety with abstracts, posters, presentations and discussions.

Let’s talk future

Economic and market trends, technological advances, regulatory frameworks, the environment and ecology in animal production.

What Strategic Foresight Means to the Future of Agribusiness

Tamara Carleton

Q&A with Tamara Carleton, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Innovation Leadership Board, a global leader in the design of tools and processes that enable radical innovation based in Silicon Valley, California.

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Leading Mycotoxin Experts Map the Current, Future Scientific Landscape

While several highly publicized incidents related to mycotoxins in food and feed have attracted worldwide media attention in recent years, including the 2013 aflatoxin contamination in Europe, new findings suggest that mycotoxins have a significant impact on livestock production in less headline-grabbing ways, such as impairing gut health.

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Molecular Biology Paves the Way for Gut Health Innovation in Livestock Sciences

Several narrow, advanced fields of study that examine the cellular metabolism of living organisms are setting the foundations for genuine innovation relating to gut health and performance in animal production in the years ahead. Breakthroughs may help define future nutrition strategies and the substitution of antibiotic growth promoters.

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