5 Reasons Why The 2016 WNF In Vancouver Is One Of A Kind


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Latest developments in the protein industry, nutrition, life sciences, and food safety with abstracts, posters, presentations and discussions.

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Economic and market trends, technological advances, regulatory frameworks, the environment and ecology in animal production.

Diverging Consumer Demands Put Contradictory Pressures on Producers, Says Prof. David Hughes

“Quite clearly, the future is bright for animal-derived protein consumption. However, the further polarization of consumer demands presents a real challenge for the livestock and dairy industry,” warned Prof. David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London.

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Mars Exploration and Agribusiness May Learn From Each Other, Says Dr. Gernot Groemer

There may be opportunities for the cross-fertilization of ideas between the Mars exploration research efforts and the agriculture sector, according to Dr. Groemer, president of the Austrian Space Forum who heads the PolAres Mars simulation program.

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BIOMIN Announces 2016 World Nutrition Forum Speakers

Over 800 industry professionals, researchers and academics from across the world are expected to attend the 7th edition of the biennial World Nutrition Forum, the premier animal nutrition event hosted by BIOMIN.

More than 40 expert speakers will share their views over the course of three days.

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