Mother of Achievement

South Africa - Cape Town

In the tradition of success dating back to 2004, the 2018 World Nutrition Forum will bring the knowledge of BIOMIN and experts from across the world to the African continent in order to address some of the most important issues facing the industry.

These invitation-only biennial summits are consistently well rated by attendees. Each occurrence draws upon the uniqueness of the location, speakers and participants while maintaining the highest quality standards for both content and organization. This held true for Salzburg, Vienna, Mayrhofen, Salzburg, Singapore, Munich and Vancouver – as I am sure it will for Cape Town.

The idea of sharing our knowledge with our customers, discussing current and future challenges in the food and feed industry and presenting solutions has made the World Nutrition Forum a key event in the industry calendar.

Through on-site visits, participation to scientific and industry conferences and events, and the World Nutrition Forum, we have cultivated strong customer relationships based on shared understanding, cuttingedge science and service support – improving our ability to help you achieve the best long-term results. Commonly known as the ‘Mother City’ and recognized as a top global destination, Cape Town offers a vibrant, multicultural setting and modern infrastructure well suited for meetings and conventions. Attractive sights, unmatched hospitality, an eclectic mix of cuisines and the world-class Cape Town International Convention Centre are just a few of many attributes that will make the 2018 World Nutrition Forum experience unforgettable for everyone.

On behalf of BIOMIN, we look forward to welcoming you to the 2018 World Nutrition Forum. See you in Cape Town.

S.C.O.P.E. Scientific Challenges and Opportunities in the Protein Economy

The nature of science requires creativity, curiosity and the ability to break free of conventional approaches to problem solving in order to push boundaries and make genuine progress. This capacity for thinking and investigation fuels our ability as an industry to wield technology in a way that furthers economic development, drives e ciency, promotes sustainability and delivers safe and nourishing products to a growing population — now and in the future. In that vein, we invite you to join us to explore the Scientific Challenges and Opportunities in the Protein Economy (SCOPE). Our theme marries mental agility and inventiveness with the practicalities of conducting business in a global network of purchasers and suppliers that demands competitiveness throughout the feed and food chain.

In both business and science, the term scope can hold a variety of meanings.

  • SCOPE suggests orders of magnitude — as in the laboratory work of recording of cell counts, or in a company’s size and economies of scale.
  • SCOPE speaks to vision — as in what is visible versus what requires magnifi cation in order to be detected, or in the calls to enhance transparency.
  • SCOPE demarcates boundaries — as in the upper limits of an animal’s genetic potential, or in the role regulations and consumer demand play in how animals are reared.
  • SCOPE highlights the areas of expertise that drive the protein economy, from economics and chemistry to bioscience and agriculture: a testament to the interdisciplinary nature of our industry.

The 2018 World Nutrition Forum offers top industry professionals the opportunity to engage with peers from across the globe in the discussion of scientific challenges and opportunities in the protein economy. In addition, species-specific breakout sessions will provide a platform to delve further into topics concerning poultry, swine, ruminants, and aquaculture.