Full schedule of plenary sessions, breakout sessions focusing on specific livestock species, poster sessions, get togethers, conference dinners and more.

Welcome Program - Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Arrival and Registration

Scientific Conference Day 1 - Thursday, 4 October 2018

08:30 Opening

Keynote Presentation
Dr. h.c. Erich Erber and Dr. Jan Vanbrabant,
Chairman of Executive Board, ERBER Group, Austria

Global Feed to Meat Outlook: Shaping Industry Competitiveness in a Fast-Changing World
Nan-Dirk Mulder,
Rabobank International, The Netherlands

Industry 4.0 – Transforming the Feed and Feed Ingredients Sector
Chris De Lavigne,
Deloitte, Singapore

Quo Vadis Global Meat - Four Resources and Innovation Scenarios
Prof. Dr. Peer Ederer
Program and Science Director, Switzerland


Breakout Sessions Poultry, Swine, Ruminants and Aquaculture

featuring experts from across the globe covering topics regarding animal health and nutrition along with key industry trends.

Poster Session

+100 boards displaying the latest research on metabolomics, nutrigenomics, transcriptomics, mycotoxins and more.


Continuation Scientific Program - Friday, 5 October 2018

08:30 Continuation Scientific Program

Role of Specialty Feed Ingredients to Minimize Antibiotic Use in Livestock Production 
Joerg Seifert,
FEFANA, Belgium

Transcriptomics for Unveiling the Mode of Action of Antibiotics and Developing Alternatives
Dr. Bertrand Grenier
BIOMIN Research Center, Austria

Effects of Feed Additives on the Prevalence of Resistant Bacteria
Nataliya Roth,
BIOMIN Research Center, Austria

Antibiotic Resistance Profiling
Madhi Ghanbari and Andreas Köstelbauer,
BIOMIN Research Center, Austria


Mycotoxin Session

Toward an Integrative Understanding of the Impact of Mycotoxins on Gut Health
Dr. Gunther Antonissen,
Ghent University, Belgium

Climate Change & Mycotoxins
Prof. Dr. Naresh Magan,
Cranfield University, UK

Predicting Impacts of Climate Change on Staple Food Crops as Support for Mycotoxin Management
Prof. Dr. Paola Battilani,
Università Cattolica del S. Cuore di Piacenza, Italy

Enzyme Technology Against Zearalenone-Induced Hyperestrogenism
Dr. Wulf-Dieter Moll, BIOMIN
Research Center, Austria

BIOMIN Beach Night

Thursday afternoon

Poultry Session

Poultry SessionControlling Salmonella in Breeders - a Veterinarian‘sPerspective
Dr. Eric Jensen,
Aviagen, USA

Poultry Enteric Health Challenges: Strategies for Today’s Industry
Prof. Dr. Lisa Bielke,
Ohio State University, USA

Nutritionist’s Viewpoint on the Removal of Antibiotics in Poultry Production in the USA
Dr. Shivaram Rao,
Cobb-Vantress, USA

Evaluating the Combined Effect of Probiotics and Coccidia Vaccine in Coccidia-Challenged Broilers
Dr. Martina Dardi,
Laboratorios Hipra, Spain

The Impact of Intestinal Integrity on Health and Performance
Prof. Dr. Luiz Felipe Caron,
Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil

Critical Points in Salmonella Control in Poultry Production Systems
Prof. Dr. Paulo Lourenço da Silva,
Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil

Ruminants Session

Ruminants SessionOpportunities and Challenges for Phytogenic Compounds to Improve Gut Health and Productive Performance in Ruminants
Prof. Dr. Jong-Su Eun,
Utah State University, USA

Global Dairy Outlook – The Implications of Pursuing Higher Quality over Quantity
Hayley Gourley MSc,
Rabobank, New Zealand

Understanding the Interactions of the Immune System and Gut Health in the Ruminant: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Prof. Dr. Christopher Chase, South
Dakota State University, USA

Leaky Gut And The Glucose Costs Of Immune Activation
Prof. Dr. Lance Baumgard,
Iowa State University, USA

Indian Dairying : Global Leadership , Challenges & Outlook beyond 2025
Mr. Rahul Kumar,
Lactalis, India

An Overview of Ruminant Production Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Outlook Beyond 2025
Dr. Michiel Scholtz,
Agricultural Research Council-Animal Production Institute, South Africa

Swine Session

Can Nutrition Close the Genetic Gap?
Willem Steyn, SwINE Nutrition Management / TOPIGS NORSVIN, South Africa

The Role of the Microbiome in Gut Health
Prof. Dr. Richard Ducatelle, Ghent University, Belgium

Antimicrobial Resistance: A Challenge and an Opportunity
Prof. Dr. Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn,
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Real-Time Management to Minimize the Use of Drugs in Pig Production
Prof. Dr. Seksom Attamangkune, Thailand

Swine Profitability – Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Roman Moreno, Seaboard Foods, USA

Practical Use of Biomarkers: Today‘s Reality and Future Development
Dr. Veronika Nagl, BIOMIN Research Center, Austria

Aquaculture Session

Aquaculture SessionPlenty of Fish: How the Choice of Domesticated Species Influences Aquafeed Demand
Dr. Julian Conway McGill,
LMC International Ltd, United Kingdom

Effcient Animal Production Without Antimicrobial Growth Promoters – New Developments Towards the Use of Probiotics in Feed
Prof. Dr. Jørgen Schlundt, Nanyang
Technological University, Singapore

Nutritional and Performance Consequences of Fishmeal Replacement
Dr. Sureyya Özkizilcik,
Nutra Yem, Turkey

Africa in the Future of Aquaculture Production, Challenges and Opportunities
Clifford Spencer,
Aquaculture Without Frontiers, United Kingdom

Aquatic Disease – Counting the Costs of the Top 100
Dr. Andrew Shinn,
Fish Vet Group, Thailand

Predictive Models as a Tool to Evaluate Aquafeeds
Dr. Luís Conceição, Sparos Lda., Portugal

Social Day - Saturday, 6 October 2018

Social Program including lunch